On an orientation to India in 2005, God opened our eyes to new dimensions in orphan ministry. Up to this time our focus had primarily been on helping orphans in compassionate ways, but God showed us that there was more…and it is the following three-fold vision that Kidstown is endeavoring to follow and engage.

1. Practical Help for Orphans. This is our starting point and where we invest most of our resources and effort. It is Kidstown’s desire to alleviate the suffering of orphaned and at-risk children by providing resources that will help them to have food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and an education. Kidstown also endeavors to help with one-time needs such as clean water, electricity, beds, basic facilities (such as toilets), and education expenses. Additionally, Kidstown aims to reach out and befriend the children, knowing that often they suffer emotionally and need to know that they have a new family that loves and cares for them. Finally, we are committed to praying for the kids: that God will help them and give them hope.

2. Evangelism & Discipleship. In addition to providing for kids in practical ways, we also are committed to helping orphans in spiritual ways. It is our desire that each child have the opportunity to hear about Jesus, to receive Him as their Savior, and to grow in their faith. Thus, Kidstown is committed to praying for the children’s salvation and growth in the faith, to encouraging the kids in their faith, and to supplying resources and training so that the orphanage leaders will be better equipped in evangelizing and discipling the children. Kidstown also only partners with orphanages in which Christ is central.

3. Missional Engagement. God desires that we help alleviate the suffering of children and that we hold out to them the Word of Life. However, it doesn’t stop there. God has plans for these kids…BIG plans! He wants these kids to be salt and light among their own communities and people groups, many of which have little or no Gospel witness among them. Our can speak the languages of these groups, they understand the culture and customs, and may have relatives still living in those groups. It is likely that one day our kids will go back to their people group to either visit or work. The question is: what if they took the Gospel back with them? You see, these kids have the potential of sharing the Gospel in a way that their people can understand, in a way that answers their questions, in a way that demonstrates that Jesus came for them. What’s our part of this process? To pray! In Matthew 9:37-38 Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Ask therefore, the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest field.” We are committed to praying that God will send these kids back to their own peoples one day with the Gospel!

Practical Help. Evangelism & Discipleship. Missional Engagement.

God wants to go great things FOR, IN, and THROUGH these kids!