Kidstown International

How Can I Help?

Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child in an orphanage is an effective way to help in their future. Sponsors provide monthly donations of $38 which provides for the basic needs of their sponsored child, as well as the other kids at the orphanage. Sponsors are also encouraged to correspond with, and pray for their sponsored child. Friendships and prayer can bring much needed healing and hope to emotionally bruised children. This is the catalyst for hope and a brighter future.

“I’ve never felt like I live in a home. I feel like this is my own home. I have everything, there is nothing that I think “Oh I need this, I need that” I have everything. I don’t even have words to say what I don’t have.”


Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. As such, Kidstown is committed to helping orphans obtain an education in hopes that one day they will be able to support themselves, contribute positively to society, and actively participate in bringing hope and restoration to their community. We care about the next generation, and this is how we can be a part of bringing up leaders to create a brighter future.

“Ever since coming to this home, I have felt extremely welcomed and accepted as a part of the family.
I find joy in my friends, and they find joy in me.”

Fund a Project

We are a ministry involved in supporting safe homes for disadvantaged children, and from this, it is necessary to make sure that the orphanages we are connected with are equipped with the necessary resources. We want them to be able to reach out to their community, have internal growth, and help their children be successful and healthy. We have many ongoing projects that require donations and support to reach their potential.

“Today I am studying in college. Which I could not imagine way back. Had I not come to this home my life would be in terrible mess and perhaps I would be even dead by now. I am here because many people pray for us.”


In addition to providing long-term support to the orphanages as well as special project funding, Kidstown also needs key donors to help keep its fuel tank full so that we can sustain current efforts and continue reaching out to help other orphanages.

I can only say how grateful I am to God and to the leaders of home for giving me shelter, good education, clothes, and moral value of life for all these years.”


Because God is central to Kidstown and to the orphanages we support, we believe in the importance and power of prayer. Informed, targeted prayer will move the hand of God and bring results in the lives of the orphans and leaders.