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Lives in Romania

Alexandra is finally on the road to recovery after a childhood of tragedy. Her mother moved from their small Romanian village to find work in Italy, only to die from cancer soon after. Alexandra and the rest of her family were left alone in poverty. At age thirteen, her father began to …

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Lives in Romania

At age 16, Sorin became the first person to stand up for his sister and change the course of their lives. At a young age his mother moved to Italy for work, but she died to cancer shortly after. Living in a poverty stricken small village, he never went to school, and …

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Lives in Romania

Arpad is a sensitive boy, but is brave and funny. He was brought to the home by child protection because his parents who had separated were not able to take care of him or his siblings. He has shown himself to be a real fighter and an artist. He has a lot …

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Lives in Romania

Ileana was abandoned by her parents to the care of the state at a very early age. She lived in an orphanage in a nearby city for a while until she was transferred to our home in 1999.  Ileana’s parents are both very poor; neither has employment.  She has five siblings but …

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Lives in Romania

Remus came to the home with his twin brother. They were found on the streets by the social services and brought to the home. They had wandered from their home and were forgotten by their unstable mother. They had not been eating much or taking care of themselves at all. The home …

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Lives in Romania

Giuliu and his sister have been in foster care for many years. Their mother abandoned them when they were babies. Once the older sister was married, the foster family gave Giulio to the local home because they wanted 2 children to foster for better income. The home is fully supporting and caring …

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Lives in Romania

Izabella’s mother was not able to provide income or education for her daughter. Izabella was doing well in school until her mother made some rash career choices that caused Izabella’s schooling to go under the water. Izabella was held back, and her mother had no stability. At the home, Izabella is able …

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Lives in Romania

Tivadar’s parents broke up and did not nurture their son. His father moved to Hungary, and his mother left Tivadar at the home for another man. Tivadar was behind in things like walking and talking, but with the love and support he now receives, he is showing himself to be sweet and …

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Lives in Romania

For a few years Kati’s family lived on the streets. Her parents tried to support the family on a small amount of income derived from odd-jobs. However, they found that they simply could not manage. So, the mom came to the home, requesting that Katalin be allowed to live there. When Katalin …

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Lives in Romania

Gyuri ended up in the home through a series of difficult events. Both of his parents died very close to each other for reasons that are unknown. He has a few siblings, and the original plan was for them to be adopted by his eldest brother, but when that young man was …

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Lives in Romania

Costica came to the home with his brother and sister in September of 2016. His parents are very poor and his father has lung disease. The disease he has prevents him from working and making an income. His mother cannot provide food or clothing for her children. She decided to bring them …

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Ana-Maria K

Lives in Romania

Ana-Maria has four brothers and sisters. Her mother raised all five children by herself, but having no constant wage it has become impossible to take care of them all, so she is sending three of her five children to the local home to take care of them. Ana-Maria is now able to …

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Lives in Romania

Cristian is 18 years old. He has had a troubled past. He came from a home with severe poverty. He came to the home after being arrested for theft and being placed in child protective services. The services brought him to the home because they knew it was a good place for …

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Lives in Romania

Manuel is the middle child of 3 brothers. His parents used to work at a small business where they were given a room for the family to live in. However, when the business closed, the family also had to leave. They had nowhere to go. Manuel’s father left his mother and the …

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