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Lives in Romania
Birthday: February 2012

Maria has always been an unwanted child in her family. When her mother decided to move abroad for work, she did not want to take Maria with them. They contacted child protection services to take Maria away, and it was then that she was brought to one of our children’s homes. Although Maria has not received an education by eight years old, and has been rejected by those who should have been there for her, God has always loved Maria. He has never left her, and has now led her to a children’s home that will love her as well. They will help Maria grow and heal from her past. They will help her to go to school, and she will be safe in a family that won’t leave her.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: 2010

A police investigation is ongoing to discover all of the details involved in Alex’s story before he came to live at our children’s home. But, it is clear that he, along with his brother who is also living at the home, was abused by his father. They were living in a trailer with 7 other people, also involved in the abuse. It was after Alex’s mother left her husband that things seemed to go downhill for the children. They dropped out of school and begged on the streets. This led to the investigation, and the rescue of the two boys. They are still finding their place in the home, but both are recovering well from their past.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: 2010

After Raluca’s mother left the family, her husband moved their two sons into a trailer with 7 other people. Here, the children were often abused or left unattended for days. They were unable to go to school, and would beg on the streets. The police were able to rescue the children and bring them into the children’s home, but they are still working on their investigation to uncover all of the details. Raluca is doing well in the children’s home, but he has  along road to recovery ahead of him! Thankfully, he is in a healthy environment where he can go to school and find joy in his life.

Robert B

Lives in Romania
Birthday: December 2007

Robert is currently attending school and has a community of leaders, teachers, and friends that surround him and support him. But this was not always the case for Robert. After his mother abandoned the family, he was left under the negligent and poor care of his father. As the situation worsened, Romania Child Protection Services got involved and brought the children to one of our supported homes. His past was tragic, and his heart needed much healing, but he is now on the path to recovery and is doing much better. He has improved with the love of those around him, and will continue to grow!


Lives in Romania
Birthday: November 2003

A responsible and driven young man, Stanculeanu was growing up in a remote village with no access to school. He was the oldest of 8 siblings, his family had no money, and there was little opportunity for Stan’s future. He was happy to come to one of our homes so that he can go to highschool and pursue his desire to be a car mechanic. He is loved by those at the home, and they believe he will be able to go as far as he wants. Stan enjoys playing the keyboard, and is keeping up with his grades.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: July 2000

Jozsef and five of his siblings came to live in their Romanian home in March of 2008. They were taken from their family due to the family’s   dysfunction and poverty. The children were uneducated, neglected, and underfed. The youngest, who is 3 years old, only weighed about 20 pounds. The oldest child, who was supposed to be in the third grade couldn’t read or write. At the beginning they could not even say thanks or hello. Their behavior changed significantly since they have been at the orphanage and they are integrating better with the other children.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: August 2003

After Nimrod’s father died, his mother did her best to support her son for the next couple of years, but she continued to digress, and was desperate for her son to have a better chance at life. She was worried about his emotional and physical health as she could not provide for his needs. One of our homes in Romania was available to accept Nimrod into their home. Nimrod’s mother was thankful that he could receive education and learn about Jesus. Nimrod is in a safe environment and will be well taken care of.


Lives in Romania
Birthday: 2000

Cristian is 18 years old. He has had a troubled past. He came from a home with severe poverty. He came to the home after being arrested for theft and being placed in child protective services. The services brought him to the home because they knew it was a good place for him to recover from his rough past. He has not had any problems at the home and is trying very hard at becoming a healthy young man. He loves attending school and being social with the other children in the home.