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Lives in Nepal

It was a tragic beginning for Sabina. With many nights in tears with lack of food, she grew up in the slums of India. Her father was a drunk, and her mother died soon after giving birth to Sabina. After Sabina’s father abandoned her, she went to her grand father. As he was elderly, he could not take care of her. In a desperate state, he asked one of our homes if they would take her in. Once the leaders saw her condition, they welcomed her in and gave her the life she deserved. She is going to school for the first time and is very happy with her new family.


Lives in Nepal

Prakash is a true orphan. Both his mother and father are dead. At the New Life Center he receives love, care, stability, shelter, food, clothing, an education, and the Gospel. There are 10 other children who also live in the New Life Center in Kohlpur. Kohlpur is a small town in Southwestern Nepal, not far from the Indian border All these children come from high-risk and/or extremely poor family situations and have found a better life in this Christian orphanage


Lives in Nepal

Deep in debt, Rebecca’s parents found themselves with little options. As both are uneducated, finding a steady stream of income was impossible. First, her father moved to a different country for labor work, but the money he sent home fell extremely short of the need. Her desperate mother decided to also move away for work. With no one to take care of Rebecca they implored the home leaders to take her in. After prayer, they decided it was the best option for Rebecca. She is now being loved on and deeply cared for by the leaders.


Lives in Nepal

Sushil is an example of using the pain of his past to better his community. He was just a young boy when his father died on the way to the hospital. It was a sudden and tragic event that left Sushil alone. His mother’s whereabouts were unknown, and Sushil was in a helpless situation. He found his way to one of our homes, and they have taken him in to give him a better future. Sushil enjoys the extra curricular activities at school, and he hopes to become a doctor. The remote village he is from barely has any doctors or healthcare, so he would like to help them in this way.


Lives in Nepal

Nishani has been able to grow up at her kidstown home in Nepal for a number of years. She has been successful in her schooling, and is on her way to a hopeful future. It was not always so hopeful for Nishani though. Her father worked for daily wages that would never provide enough for his family. His wife was so sick that she could do nothing to help. In this difficult situation, they decided Nishani needed people who could provide her with food and the care necessary to survive. She has been able to receive that at her home.


Lives in Nepal

Basanti was in quite a helpless and painful situation when she came to our home in Nepal. Her father had become paralyzed in both of his legs, leaving him unable to work. Basanti’s mother left her family in this time for another marriage. Basanti’s father was searching for someone to take care of his daughter when he found our home. The home welcomed Basanti in, and she has been able to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. She has done well in her schooling, and is on her way to becoming a nurse. She has a kind heart and wants to serve others.


Lives in Nepal

Nita currently has dreams of becoming a nurse. But there was a time when Nita had no dreams. Her future was bleak. Her family could not even provide enough food to eat by their meager daily wages. Through a series of struggles and pains, Nita’s father died in 2011. After his death, Nita’s mother collected sand from the river to try and earn money. But it was not enough to feed Nita. Someone in her village referred her to one of our supported homes in Nepal. Nita was brought to the home by her mother with hopes of her survival. Nita found the care she needed to survive and succeed in life. She has been happy to grow up in this home, and her dreams are much closer.


Lives in Nepal

At 20 years old, Manish is currently spending his time being a big brother at the home he lives at. He is an amazing musician and is interested in learning vocals as well. He has been teaching other kids to play different instruments and helps out around the house. His father is an alcoholic who does not work to support the family, and his mother is not able to make enough money either. So Manish is living at the home to be supported and encouraged in a loving household.


Lives in Nepal

After his parents divorced, Sonam’s world was turned upside down. He was left with his father who quickly remarried. This new wife made sure to make Sonam feel unwanted. Sonam’s father travelled a lot for work. This young boy was neglected, and uneducated. When Sonam finally made his way to one of our supported homes, he had never been to school, and he was desperate for love and acceptance. He is receiving special help with his schooling, and he is being well cared for by the leaders and others at the home. Sonam has far to go in his life.