Lives in Romania

At age 16, Sorin became the first person to stand up for his sister and change the course of their lives. At a young age his mother moved to Italy for work, but she died to cancer shortly after. Living in a poverty stricken small village, he never went to school, and after a few years he became aware of the sexual abuse happening to his younger sister, Alexandra. He went to the police, and they     arrested the father and brought Sorin and Alexandra to an emergency center. Here, they were assigned to live in one of our supported homes in Romania. They both found the support and love they had lacked for so long. The home leaders are dedicated to walking alongside these children and providing protection and healing. They attend a second chance school where they are able to catch up on their lost years of education. It is a long road to recovery, but there is hope for Sorin, and his future.

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