Kidstown International


Izabella’s mother was not able to provide income or education for her daughter. Izabella was doing well in school until her mother made some rash career choices that caused Izabella’s schooling to go under the water. Izabella was held back, and her mother had no stability. At the home, Izabella is able to continue school and fight for a future. She has dreams and goals that she is now able to go after.



For a few years Kati’s family lived on the streets. Her parents tried to support the family on a small amount of income derived from odd-jobs. However, they found that they simply could not manage. So, the mom came to the home, requesting that Katalin be allowed to live there. When Katalin arrived, she was very undernourished. In the time she has been at the home, she has improved a lot. She is attending Kindergarten and her speech is improving.


Manuel is the middle child of 3 brothers. His parents used to work at a small business where they were given a room for the family to live in. However, when the business closed, the family also had to leave. They had nowhere to go. Manuel’s father left his mother and the three boys. His mother was not able to take care of her sons, so she asked the Romanian Child Protection Services for help. They in turn brought the boys to the Casa Dorca. Here they receive love and care, their needs are met, they have the opportunity to go to school and they hear about a God who loves them and who will not abandon them. Manuel’s parents seem to have some mental disabilities and these appear to have carried over to their sons. Manuel has integrated well at the Casa Dorca, however, is trying to adjust to his new life at the orphanage.