Kidstown International


After Manu’s father died, his mother walked out of his life to be with another man. Manu was 16 years old when this happened, and he knew he needed to continue going to school, but he now had no way. He came to our home and is now going to vocational school for car mechanics. He has a chance at life and a good future now. Manu enjoys sports and working. We are thankful that he now has the support and foundation to heal and grow from. Manu is a special young man with a bright future ahead of him.


Abandoned by his mother, Marian has come from a difficult past. His story is hard, but he has shown so much strength. Now that he lives at one of our homes, he has been able to grow and thrive. Marian is able to go to school and is proving to be smart and clever. He is constantly moving and is full of energy. Marian is living in a home that will love him and support him in his dreams. He is learning about Jesus, and learning his own value. Marian is receiving the care for all of his needs, and it is certain that he will grow in many ways to change his community.


A young boy, growing up all alone and forgotten, Sebastian has a broken past. With two parents that were never emotionally present, he had to watch them both succumb to the tragedies of alcoholism. His home life was extremely unstable and was not a safe place for a small boy to grow up in. A neighbor who was worried about the care of Sebastian contacted child protective services about the situation. They decided it was the best decision to bring Sebi out of this broken home to find a home that would give him what he needed. They brought him to one of our supported homes, and he has been able to finally have a home that supports him. He has done great in school, and is determined to live for a better future.


Coming to our supported home, there was little to no information on Radu. The leaders were able to understand that he had been living with his mother, but her boyfriend was abusive against Radu, beating him often. In this state of neglect and abuse, Radu came to our home and was welcomed into a family that was dedicated to loving and helping Radu to heal from his broken past. He came with many issues, but through the years, he has grown to be filled with home and passion for his future. He is learning about Jesus and is on the road of healing.


After Nimrod’s father died, his mother did her best to support her son for the next couple of years, but she continued to digress, and was desperate for her son to have a better chance at life. She was worried about his emotional and physical health as she could not provide for his needs. One of our homes in Romania was available to accept Nimrod into their home. Nimrod’s mother was thankful that he could receive education and learn about Jesus. Nimrod is in a safe environment and will be well taken care of.


Izabella’s mother was not able to provide income or education for her daughter. Izabella was doing well in school until her mother made some rash career choices that caused Izabella’s schooling to go under the water. Izabella was held back, and her mother had no stability. At the home, Izabella is able to continue school and fight for a future. She has dreams and goals that she is now able to go after.



Manuel is the middle child of 3 brothers. His parents used to work at a small business where they were given a room for the family to live in. However, when the business closed, the family also had to leave. They had nowhere to go. Manuel’s father left his mother and the three boys. His mother was not able to take care of her sons, so she asked the Romanian Child Protection Services for help. They in turn brought the boys to the Casa Dorca. Here they receive love and care, their needs are met, they have the opportunity to go to school and they hear about a God who loves them and who will not abandon them. Manuel’s parents seem to have some mental disabilities and these appear to have carried over to their sons. Manuel has integrated well at the Casa Dorca, however, is trying to adjust to his new life at the orphanage.