Kidstown International

Dilip T

Dilip has a hopeful future now that he is living in a safe and supported home. Both of his parents lost their lives to reasons unknown. When Dilip was found, he was being taken care of by his older sisters, but they did not want to continue taking care of him. Dilip now has leaders and people surrounding him that truly care about him and are helping him to grow to be his best. Dilip struggles with his hearing, but he is going to school, and with continued support, he will be able to move mountains.


After his parents divorced, Sonam’s world was turned upside down. He was left with his father who quickly remarried. This new wife made sure to make Sonam feel unwanted. Sonam’s father travelled a lot for work. This young boy was neglected, and uneducated. When Sonam finally made his way to one of our supported homes, he had never been to school, and he was desperate for love and acceptance. He is receiving special help with his schooling, and he is being well cared for by the leaders and others at the home. Sonam has far to go in his life.


Jina has lacked many vital needs in her life. Her family owns no land and has no home. Jina would often go without a meal, and sometimes this would last 3 to 4 days. She is excited to now live in one of our supported homes. She will be well cared for now. She is receiving education, meals, and a family who supports her and loves her. She is doing really well in school, and she hopes to one day become a nurse. We are very thankful that Jina can now live in a supportive environment where she can pursue her dreams.


It was a long and painful   journey that brought Saroj to one of our supported homes. He had been picked up by the police after wandering alone in the village. He had caught a bus from the village he previously lived in where he was abandoned by his mother. She left him for another marriage, and Saroj had nothing for many months. His mother was not willing to care for her son after her husband left the family to work in another country. He stopped communicating with his family, and he never returned. Saroj was found in a hopeless and lonely state. The police brought him to one of our homes, and he has finally found a family that will keep him in their life. They have admitted him into school, and he has much to look forward to in his future. We are thankful that Saroj has found a safe place to grow up in!


As an abandoned and lonely child, it was a joyful experience for her to be brought into one of our supported children’s homes. Radhika had lost her father some time ago, and her mother married another man, leaving Radhika all alone. She is now in a place where she is seen and valued. Her needs are met, and she is growing and learning in her education and her faith. Radhika will be able to dream from a place of support and unconditional love. She has overcome much, and she will continue to prosper!


Born in a very remote village in Nepal, Ashish began his life surrounded by challenges. But when his father died, the pain only grew, and his mother was lost in the struggle. She could not take care of her children, so she confronted one of our homes to take Ashish. They decided to take Ashish in, and he has become so happy to be in the home. They will be able to send him to school, and he is receiving the sufficient care that he needed. His mother is thankful that he can be in a safe and healthy environment now.


Gaurab has been raised by his single mother almost his entire life. When Gaurab was only one month old, his father disappeared with no explanation. He is a bright young boy, but it was important for him to be in a home that could provide education and support for his physical, mental, and spiritual needs. His mother loves the Lord, and has come to serve in one of our homes, and has brought her son to live there. He will be able to receive the care that he needs in his life, and the chance to succeed.