Kidstown International


Priyanka’s parents both died of tuberculosis.  She and her sister lived for a while with their aunt, however it was not possible to continue living there because the aunt could not afford to care for her two nieces plus her own three children.  In addition, they lived in a slum area that has a high concentration of toxic waste.  So, the aunt requested  that her nieces be admitted to the Karuna Children Home, a Christian  orphanage dedicated to bringing help, hope, and the Gospel to slum-dwelling kids.  Here the girls  receive love, care, stability, an education, and they hear about Jesus.


Brought straight from the slums, Milcah has been introduced to a completely new world. Her parents were too sick to find work or even have a home. Milcah was being neglected and uneducated. It was in this state that her parents brought her to live in our home. It will take some time to transition to this new lifestyle of receiving meals and going to school, but she will soon be healthy and learn how loved she is. Milcah will be able to learn about a God who loves her, and we are so thankful to be a part of her story.


Vikram found himself alone in this world, lost for any care from his family. His father tried to provide for him after Vikram’s mother died, but no matter what he did, it was never enough. He was never able to look after Vikram or feed him. Vikram was in a difficult place in life so he was brought to one of our homes to find education and care. He will be looked after and receive love and support.


Jansah’s father was a good man, involved in the church and working hard for his family. He was killed in a hunting accident, and his wife could not care for her children. She was desperate for our children’s home to take Jansah under their care. She wasnted Jansah to be able to go to school and live a stable life with a future. Jansah will be able to learn about Jesus and have her needs met.


Josna’s father left her mother before she was born. Nothing is known about him today. Josna’s mother works as a house maid, but earns very little to be able to properly provide for her daughter. Now that Josna lives at the children’s home, she is able to receive necessary care and education. She is encouraged to follow her dreams, and she learns about the love of Jesus in her life.


Aswathy came to the home because of lack of care and support. Her mother died when she was 9 months old, and although for a time she was raised by her grandmother, she is now being taken care of by the home leaders. Aswathy is the best student in her class at school, and she is especially skilled in the cultural activities. She was selected to be on the school’s national cadet team, and she has the best performance. She was also one of few selected for IT class. She dreams of becoming a doctor, and through the love and care she receives at the home, there is no reason she won’t succeed.


Axa is a talkative, friendly, and sincere young girl. Her father was an alcoholic and abandoned the family. Axa is now in school and is very competitive. She always wants to be first, but she is also famous for her special smile. Axa is always found to be happy and eager to learn new things. She is full of questions and curiosity. Axa is able to receive love and support at the home. She is surrounded by people who love her and will always be there for her.


Linju has been through a lot of struggles and tragedy. Her father is an alcoholic and was not a safe man to live around. Her childhood was bitter, and her mother always hoped that he would change. Recently, Linju’s mother decided to leave. She found a family to stay with and requested that Linju be able to live at the children’s home. Linju is now in a safe environment and is receiving care and education. There is support and hope for Linju here.

V. Pandian

V. Pandian’s father died and his mother is working as a laborer. She is very poor and cannot adequately care for Pandian. Due to this poverty, it was arranged for him to come and live in the Joy’s Children Home. Here Pandian receives love and care, his needs are met, he receives an education, and perhaps most importantly, he hears about Jesus. Pandian’s favorite subject in school is Science. He enjoys singing and playing games. His dream is to become a doctor.