Kidstown International


Maitri was discovered at a local hospital and her story broke the hearts of the Snehakunja Home leaders. After her birth, Maitri’s mother was unsafe towards her daughter. We learned that she had once been married, but after giving birth to multiple daughters, she was kicked out and forced into a dangerous place were she was taken advantage of multiple times. By a miracle, she was brought to a hospital where she gave birth to Maitri, but was found mentally unstable. Maitri had no one to look after her, so the home leaders have brought her under their care. They hope to provide a safe and healthy environment for this little girl to grow up in. She will learn that she is loved and that she matters.

Priya C

Priya was born into a stormy situation surrounding her health and her parents. Both of her parents were crippled with health problems, and her mother is now disturbed with mental illnesses. Soon after birth, Priya’s mother refused to care for her daughter. Worried about the survival of the young child, the Snehakunja home agreed to take her under their care. There are a lot of questions about the health of Priya and her recovery from lack of attention and nourishment, but they are already seeing her respond well to their efforts. Priya is a beloved child who has no power over her situation. With hopes for her survival and wellbeing, the home is thankful to provide for her.


There were some serious concerns for Sima’s survival when she was brought to our home. She has been battling the HIV virus with little money, and little help. Her father, who also suffers from the disease, was not able to pick up the necessary medicine on a regular basis. Living in a remote village with hardly and money for living, it was a painful and dangerous lifestyle for Sima. She has been suffering greatly from the disease and has not been able to receive the proper care that she needs. Our home has decided to support Sima and give her the care that will save her life and help her to become a healthy young girl. They are determined to provide Sima with all of her needs and to help her grow in every way.

Sajid SK

Sajid has been struggling through the effects of the HIV virus. He continues to fall seriously ill, and his mother has lost all hope. After her husband died from the same disease, she and Sajid were both diagnosed with HIV. Living in a remote village with little work opportunities, options became even more remote once they were diagnosed with HIV. They lived in the midst of brokenness and poverty. Sajid’s mother could not provide for them, and they both kept falling ill. It was a desperate time, and Sajid’s mother prayed fervently that her son would be admitted into our supported children’s home. The home was able to bring him in to their family. He will hopefully start recovering, and finally enjoy his childhood.


For Mohini, her young heart was filled with pain and tragedy after her father died. Her mother was already struggling for her daughter to be taken care of, and the weight of being the only provider was too much. She was unable to come up with the resources for Mohini to go to school or have a stable home to live in. With hopes for her success and future, she brought Mohini to one of our supported homes. She is growing up to love the Lord and to follow His plans for her life. She is supported by a stable and loving home.

Anjuni (Glory)

There was a time in Anjuni’s life when she was safe in her family. But it took one day for her world to crash around her. Coming home from work one day, Anjuni’s father began to fall ill very quickly. He was taken to the hospital, but by then, there was nothing to save him. He lost his life that day, leaving a destitute mother to provide for her daughter. Anjuni’s mother knew she would not be able to take proper care of her daughter, so in hopes of a brighter future, she brought Anjuni to one of our supported homes. Her past is painful, but her future is full of hope.


Growing up in a culturally degraded family, deep in poverty, there was little hope for Dhanapati’s survival. His parents could not earn the necessary money needed to provide for their son. They had nothing to give him, and the world around him was rejecting him. Coming to our supported home was the spark that Dhanapati needed to fight for a better future. He is now living in a safe and loving home, going to school, and learning about Jesus. He is experiencing new hope, and new joys every day.


Vahneichong is a bright young girl, but she has seen tragedy and pain fill her life. Her father was murdered during a militant and ethnic disagreement. Her mother was left without any income or way to educate her children. She was not able to support or pay for any of Vahneichong’s needs. When she heard about one of our supported homes, she requested that Vahneichong be accepted into the home. She is now living in one of our homes, and is on track to go to school and have a future of healing and hope.


During an encounter between Indian Army and an extremist group, Seigoumang’s father who was a farmer in the area, was shot and killed. Seigoumang’s family was devastated over this loss. His mother was unable to provide for her children. Seigoumang was no longer able to go to school, and there was little hope for his success. He was connected to one of our supported homes, and they agreed to bring him into their home. He is now able to receive the care that he needs for his life, and he will be able to go to school. Seigoumang is thankful to be in a new home where he has hope for his future, and is being accepted.


Muanthianlal comes from a large family. They had a small income, and lived in a small village. His father was a farmer, and one day, while cultivating his crops, he got caught in rapid waters on his way down the river. The water was too strong for him, and he lost his life. He left his family with broken hearts and no one to provide. Muanthinalal’s mother struggled to find enough work. She was not able to provide good food, clothes, shelter, or education for her children. She contacted one of our supported homes about taking Muanthianlal in, as she could not care for him properly. He is now a part of our home, and is finding joy in their care.