Kidstown International


Ravali’s dad is a daily wage laborer and as such earned little to support his family of five. During a hot spell in the summer of 2012 his wife developed viral fever, which then turned out to be a mixture of typhoid and malaria. She soon died. The dad remarried another woman, but she does not treat his three children well. So, it was arranged for Ravali, his only daughter, to come and live in the Sarah Children Home, a Christian orphanage in SE India. Here she is loved and cared for, and has found a new family. She goes to school, and hears daily about a God who loves her and has great plans for her life.


Nuthaki’s father was an alcoholic and HIV patient. His lungs and liver were completely destroyed. His death was evident. Mother is a daily wage worker who did not earn much. When Nuthaki came into Sarah Home, she was shocked and scared, unable to trust anyone. Nuthaki was unwanted in her family, as she was a female. She was also often beaten in her home. She was terrified to live in her home. She was brought to the Sarah Home by her mother. She now attends school and is healthy. She has overcome so much, and continues to grow. She is being poured into by the leaders who love her and support her.


To grow up with no place to call home, and parents who have a very small income, there were many challenges for Rabin. Knowing how vital it is for Rabin to go to school and have a home to live in, his parents brought him to live at one of our supported homes. He will be able to receive an education, and have a home to call his own. He is able to learn about Jesus for the first time and be surrounded by people who will love and support him. He is going to be able to hope and dream for his future.


Shiba has spent his life so far living in a situation of struggles and challenges. With no faith, his parents have failed to find success and security. Growing up with little to no provision, Shiba has seen a very difficult side to life. This young child was in need of a family that could give him an education and supply the necessities of life, such as sufficient meals, a family that supports and encourages him, and a safe place to dream and hope for a brighter future.


Deva comes from a broken home. His mother tries to find work, but it was never regular or steady, and when she brought any money home, her husband would take it from her to buy alcohol. He would also steal from the villagers to fuel his drinking addiction. Deva was not being cared for, and they had no money for food. His mother brought him to our home, desperate for Deva to be fed and to live in a safe home. He is going to be able to go to school and find healing from his past. We are thankful that Deva is in a stable home receiving love and care.


For a young child, Mandira was not able to receive the level of care she needed from her family. Her mother lives in a mental health home, struggling as a patient. Mandira’s father is a missionary and does not make very much money. In order to receive the care that she needs, Mandira now lives at one of our supported homes. She likes to dance and be on the praise and worship team. At one point, Mandira suffered from TB, but she was able to get the treatment she needed and is doing alright now. She is able to go to school and live in a steady environment.


Prajwal had no one to provide for him. Both of his parents remarried and left without looking back. Prajwal went under the care of his grandma. Being very old and often very sick, she could not earn much money. She tried her best to work, but it was not enough to provide even food for Prajwal. He was brought under the care of one of our supported children’s homes and he is now provided with meals and support. He is able to go to school and his favorite subjects are math and science. He also likes to play with toy cars and eat sweets. He says that he would like to become a pastor one day.


Rohit’s parents are dedicated to sharing the Gospel. They are in full time ministry and are often gone to remote places where people have never heard the name of Jesus. Because they are not able to care for their son at this time, Rohit lives at one of our supported children’s homes. They have allowed Rohit to live with them so that he can go to school and live in a steady home where he receives the care that he needs. Rohit loves music and wants to be a praise and worship leader in the future. He wants to help his parents in their ministry.


Priyanka’s parents both died of tuberculosis.  She and her sister lived for a while with their aunt, however it was not possible to continue living there because the aunt could not afford to care for her two nieces plus her own three children.  In addition, they lived in a slum area that has a high concentration of toxic waste.  So, the aunt requested  that her nieces be admitted to the Karuna Children Home, a Christian  orphanage dedicated to bringing help, hope, and the Gospel to slum-dwelling kids.  Here the girls  receive love, care, stability, an education, and they hear about Jesus.


Vikram found himself alone in this world, lost for any care from his family. His father tried to provide for him after Vikram’s mother died, but no matter what he did, it was never enough. He was never able to look after Vikram or feed him. Vikram was in a difficult place in life so he was brought to one of our homes to find education and care. He will be looked after and receive love and support.