Kidstown International


Amidst a complicated and tragic family situation, Jagadeesh was lost of the care he needed. After his father died, his mother remarried. Her new husband had no interest in taking care of Jagadeesh. Due to a poor financial state, and no support within the home, Jagadeesh was brought to one of our homes. He is now getting the education he needed and the love and support of a family who cares about him. Jagadeesh is in a safe and healthy environment now.


There were some serious concerns for Sima’s survival when she was brought to our home. She has been battling the HIV virus with little money, and little help. Her father, who also suffers from the disease, was not able to pick up the necessary medicine on a regular basis. Living in a remote village with hardly and money for living, it was a painful and dangerous lifestyle for Sima. She has been suffering greatly from the disease and has not been able to receive the proper care that she needs. Our home has decided to support Sima and give her the care that will save her life and help her to become a healthy young girl. They are determined to provide Sima with all of her needs and to help her grow in every way.


Vahneichong is a bright young girl, but she has seen tragedy and pain fill her life. Her father was murdered during a militant and ethnic disagreement. Her mother was left without any income or way to educate her children. She was not able to support or pay for any of Vahneichong’s needs. When she heard about one of our supported homes, she requested that Vahneichong be accepted into the home. She is now living in one of our homes, and is on track to go to school and have a future of healing and hope.


During an encounter between Indian Army and an extremist group, Seigoumang’s father who was a farmer in the area, was shot and killed. Seigoumang’s family was devastated over this loss. His mother was unable to provide for her children. Seigoumang was no longer able to go to school, and there was little hope for his success. He was connected to one of our supported homes, and they agreed to bring him into their home. He is now able to receive the care that he needs for his life, and he will be able to go to school. Seigoumang is thankful to be in a new home where he has hope for his future, and is being accepted.


Muanthianlal comes from a large family. They had a small income, and lived in a small village. His father was a farmer, and one day, while cultivating his crops, he got caught in rapid waters on his way down the river. The water was too strong for him, and he lost his life. He left his family with broken hearts and no one to provide. Muanthinalal’s mother struggled to find enough work. She was not able to provide good food, clothes, shelter, or education for her children. She contacted one of our supported homes about taking Muanthianlal in, as she could not care for him properly. He is now a part of our home, and is finding joy in their care.


Paungailian has witnessed much pain in his young life. His father passed away from a stroke, and his mother abandoned him to relatives after her husband’s death. Paungailian was tossed from family to family, no one willing to care for him or love him. When they heard about one of our supported homes, they contacted them to take Paungailian. The home accepted him, and he is now in a loving and caring environment. He is living in a real home and has found a family that will support him. He will be able to go to school and have what he needs.


When she was only a small child, Anjali witnessed her father abandoning his family. Her mother had no where to go, and so she left Anjali with her grandmother. Years later now, her grandmother is too old to care for Anjali, and so she brought her to one of our children’s homes in India. Anjali is now being loved by a family. She is receiving support and care so that she can learn what her value is and have hope for a bright future. Anjali is going to do great things, and we will be beside her for all of it.


To grow up with no place to call home, and parents who have a very small income, there were many challenges for Rabin. Knowing how vital it is for Rabin to go to school and have a home to live in, his parents brought him to live at one of our supported homes. He will be able to receive an education, and have a home to call his own. He is able to learn about Jesus for the first time and be surrounded by people who will love and support him. He is going to be able to hope and dream for his future.


Shiba has spent his life so far living in a situation of struggles and challenges. With no faith, his parents have failed to find success and security. Growing up with little to no provision, Shiba has seen a very difficult side to life. This young child was in need of a family that could give him an education and supply the necessities of life, such as sufficient meals, a family that supports and encourages him, and a safe place to dream and hope for a brighter future.


For a young child, Mandira was not able to receive the level of care she needed from her family. Her mother lives in a mental health home, struggling as a patient. Mandira’s father is a missionary and does not make very much money. In order to receive the care that she needs, Mandira now lives at one of our supported homes. She likes to dance and be on the praise and worship team. At one point, Mandira suffered from TB, but she was able to get the treatment she needed and is doing alright now. She is able to go to school and live in a steady environment.