Kidstown International


Tharun was too young when his mother died in a tragic train accident. This loss left Tharun under the care of a drunken and careless father who eventually left his son with another woman. Tharun was alone and helpless until one of our home leaders found him and had compassion. He was brought into our home and has found a place of safety and comfort. He walking into his future and leaving his past behind. There is hope and joy for Tharun to find now.


Ragul’s father was a known drunkard. One night, after too much drinking, he got into a major disagreement with Ragul’s mother, and ended up leaving, never to return to the family. This left Ragul’s mother scraping to find work. She decided that she was unable to properly care for Ragul, and so she brought him to one of our homes to live. Ragul is now surrounded by a family that loves him and wants the best for him. They will support him with education and a stable life.


Amidst a complicated and tragic family situation, Jagadeesh was lost of the care he needed. After his father died, his mother remarried. Her new husband had no interest in taking care of Jagadeesh. Due to a poor financial state, and no support within the home, Jagadeesh was brought to one of our homes. He is now getting the education he needed and the love and support of a family who cares about him. Jagadeesh is in a safe and healthy environment now.


Anbalagan was left with no chance for education or a decent life after his drunken father was put into prison after committing a crime. Anbalagn’s mother is not able to provide enough for her two songs. She is unable to care for or educate her children, and so Anbalagan was brought to our home. He is now receiving education and is experiencing a better life. There will be ample care and love for this young boy as he grows up!


In a very unhealthy home environment Srikanth was being neglected and unloved. His father was involved with many illegal activities and did not care for his son at all. As Srikanth’s mother is also unstable, it was decided that it would be best for Srikanth to live at one of our supported homes. He is now not only going to school, but he is being loved and supported. The home leaders are invested in his well being and his health.


In a life of struggle and financial challenges, life continued to go downhill for Rubbari and her family. With no hope for Rubbari to go to school or to even eat three meals a day, they decided the best future for Rubbari would be found at our home. We are thankful that we can give her the support and care that she needs. She will go to school and learn about Jesus. Rubbari is a special young girl who is very valuable to us and to her home leaders. She will be protected and cherished!


Her parents are homeless and have no steady income. Full of fear for Silabati’s survival and future, they were desperate for a safe place for their daughter to live in. Thankfully, our home was there to bring Silabati into their home. She is now able to learn about a God who loves her and is surrounded by people who love and support her. She will be able to go to school and all of her needs will be met. There is now a lot of hope for Silabati and her future.


Although Ashaperej does have parents, they are not able to take care of their daughter. They brought her to our home so that she could go to school and receive the basic needs that every child needs. Ashaperej now has the freedom to be a child and to grow up in a safe and encouraging home. She will be able to go to school and learn about Jesus. We have so much hope for this young girl to heal from her past and to move towards success and joy in her future.


Maitri was discovered at a local hospital and her story broke the hearts of the Snehakunja Home leaders. After her birth, Maitri’s mother was unsafe towards her daughter. We learned that she had once been married, but after giving birth to multiple daughters, she was kicked out and forced into a dangerous place were she was taken advantage of multiple times. By a miracle, she was brought to a hospital where she gave birth to Maitri, but was found mentally unstable. Maitri had no one to look after her, so the home leaders have brought her under their care. They hope to provide a safe and healthy environment for this little girl to grow up in. She will learn that she is loved and that she matters.

Priya C

Priya was born into a stormy situation surrounding her health and her parents. Both of her parents were crippled with health problems, and her mother is now disturbed with mental illnesses. Soon after birth, Priya’s mother refused to care for her daughter. Worried about the survival of the young child, the Snehakunja home agreed to take her under their care. There are a lot of questions about the health of Priya and her recovery from lack of attention and nourishment, but they are already seeing her respond well to their efforts. Priya is a beloved child who has no power over her situation. With hopes for her survival and wellbeing, the home is thankful to provide for her.