Home upgrades

Many homes that Kidstown supports need immediate upgrades. For example, many homes are required by the new government regulations to build an additional floor to separate the boys and girls. Your donation to “Home Upgrades” will have a direct impact on the quality of the homes and lifestyle of these children.

Income Generators

LFO25 Helping orphanages to develop income-generating projects is important to Kidstown. These projects benefit the orphanages by generating income (or goods), reducing expenses, and by giving the orphanage a broader base of support. Chickens, ducks, and pigs are all great income-generators! Will you help with these projects? Click HERE to make a donation. Please designate "income-generation projects". Many thanks!


education-260x180Education on good hygiene is essential to create a long lasting healthy lifestyle for the children. With "Hygiene Project" funds we will upgrade sanitary conditions, and provide each child with a hygienic kit. These kits include basic items such as: combs, nail cutters, towels, toilet bags, and menstrual hygiene products.