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When donate to Kidstown International for #GivingTuesday which is this NEXT Tuesday, you will be supporting the upgrade projects and renovations of our children’s homes!

Prayer Requests from India

  • Please pray that the children do well in their upcoming math exam. Some of the children are struggling to study and remember things. Please pray that they will be able to do well and have peace in their exams.
  • Please pray for protection over the children as the dengue fever is spreading.
  • Please pray for the provision of bunk beds for a few of our homes that need them.
  • Please pray for all of the renovations happening at the various homes as they need funds and various other things.
  • Please pray for one of the homes that is searching for a water source for their well.
  • One of our homes is looking for a van to purchase.


Home Update from India

Children Home Update from India

Hello brothers and sisters,

We are so grateful for your kind support to the needy children. All the children are doing well in school. As every child has right to education for building their foundation. We had sent all our children to school even the little ones. The only exception is Sumit. As he was suffering from illness we were unable to admit him at that time. But as he had recovered from his illness, we will admit him to school next year. The final Examinations are approaching. They also participate in co–curricular activities in school.
It helps in developing their personality. And strengthen their learning and in today`s competitive world education is not enough, children should develop their overall characteristics. They are scoring good marks in their exams. Few of them do average performances but they are trying to work hard.

The children organize street theatre to aware people on the issue HIV/AIDS related stigma discrimination and on various contemporary social issues like environment, health and hygiene, preservation of safe drinking water. They also involve themselves in some social works. They do cultural programs in different areas to aware and encourage people who are socially excluded and living with diseases.

Urgent needs or problems we are having:
We are extending the girls dormitory to make rooms for more girls. We are also making a separate program hall for children activities and also renovating the Kitchen room. The works of construction is going on now. We now need few things for completion of the work such as furniture’s, electrical fixes. We need support for the immediate infrastructure, Library and Dining hall for children. It is an hour of need for children in growing up. They need Skill Development Training yearly which will help them in building their foundation. As English is the International language we need good tutor to teach them spoken English which would benefit them in their future. Children have keen interest in music so they want to learn new instruments and dance with the rhythm so we need more professional teachers in these fields for proper guidance.

-Written by the home leader

Giving Tuesday

The season on giving thanks is in full swing and our list is long! We’re thankful for these days in Romania of massive canning! Each home has so many wonderful activities for the family! We are so excited to raise funds to help these homes continue doing life with their kids in the best way. This is happening soon everyone! November 28th is #Givingtuesday and we’re so excited to involve all of you in this great time of year! Send in your donations for giving Tuesday for upgrading our homes anytime now before November 28!! #letsdothis

What we are thankful for

We are so thankful for all of our children who bring life and joy into our homes and organization! They all have important stories and smiles and happiness that is so important in this world. We are thankful for every story that has impacted us, and every child who is bringing joy into our world.

Meet Samu from Romania

We are impressed and amazed by this young man! Samu is important and valuable to us, and we are so thankful for his heart and story.
Samu entered came to one of our homes in Romania with his two brothers from a foster home after his mother was not able to efficiently care for them. After 5 years, the boys are still considered the baby family, and they have been able to flourish and grow.
Out of the brothers, and even the whole home, Samu is respected and looked up to. Not even being 10 years old, his opinion is heard, and he is involved with any decision making. You find so much life and curiosity in his young mind, it is inspiring! He rushes home to tell his home parents about his tests that he passed, and he is determined to learn. He doesn’t give up on learning new things, and will work until he fully understands it.
School is not the only area that Samu excels in though. He plays handball 3 times a week and is highly talented in archery. The skills and passion found in Samu are extraordinary and will take him far in life.
Samu is young boy who is admired and appreciated by everyone around him. He solves problems, and is loving to his family. He is a wonderful young man that we are so blessed to have in our lives. With the love and care of the home he is at, he has been able to show his true colors and heart, and he has people who will always love and believe in him.

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Some stories are too hard to share, but we know that every child has a story that is important.
One child came to one of our homes after being found in the woods with an unstable family. But even now she is strong and generous, and as with many of our children, she is achieving the highest marks in school and is extremely responsible. There is nothing she won’t accomplish because of her hope in Christ and love of others.
We can all learn from the stories of these children that have come from such humble beginnings and are now living in joy and kindness. These children are important and their future is important!

Meet Katalin from Romania

Katalin is known by Katika by everyone in her life. She is an only child and was found in the woods with her mother and uncle. They were both mentally handicapped and working as farmers. Katika was not receiving any schooling, and she was brought to the children’s home without much information.
She is now in her 7th year at school. She is said to have an outstanding performance in school. She continues to achieve the highest marks and hopes to always continue with that. She understands how important it is to do well in school. She hopes for a successful future, and she is doing everything in her power to get there. At only fifteen, there is a lot of wisdom found in her.
Katika enjoys being on her own, but she never misses an opportunity to help others at the home. She effortlessly takes on a maternal role with the younger children by taking care of them and helping them become the best that they can be.
In some Romanian churches, they confirm their congregation. Katika took confirmation classes to understand what this means for her and the importance. She loved going to these classes, and her joy on her confirmation day was very clear. She gave her testimony in front of the church with confidence, and her faith was so strong to see.
Katika has come from a very humble and difficult situation, but she has not allowed that to keep her down. She is striving for a better future, and because of her strength and resilience, there is no doubt she will find success. Katika has found a hope that she can rely on, and the Lord will bless her abundantly.

Meet Angyalka from Romania

Consider Angyalka, now 14, born into a family finally of six children with the mother gone, the father jailed, the children alone in a house that was once a house of two small rooms but by the time she knew what a house could be this was only wood hanging at random angles and the winter wind was whistling in through the holes where windows once were unbroken, windows now gone, walls of holes, no food and she felt the need and the instinct to protect her brothers but she was too young, too young.

This young girl says she has clothes at this Kidstown supported children’s home in Romania, she has food, she goes to school. Four of her brothers, one older, three younger, also live at the home. They have all been rescued.

“Here is better,” she says. Her goal for the future? “I would like to be a hairdresser. I would like one child, a girl. I would like to be a mother who — I don’t want to leave my child as my mother left us. I don’t know what goals for my child. I would like her to feel good. I am a person who helps people. I would like to help my kid. When we are here, I take my little brother to school.”

Here’s what this Kidstown supported children’s home leader in Romania writes in a note: “Their house was in a terrible situation. They lived in an old house with 2 rooms with 7 persons. The father received money from the government to build a house. He gets building materials from the local council, but he sells it. The father was aggressive and he was in prison for 2 years. The children visit him, with their mother. Once their mother decided to go with another man and she let the children alone. The youngest was 4 years old, the oldest 13 years. The only girl was 10 and she tried to take care of her brothers. They went regularly to school. The social worker from the village tried to place the children in a good place.”

I’ve seen the house, two rooms, roof shingles chipped or missing, foundation crumbled, half or more of the stucco walls fallen away, nothing behind it, mold all around, uninhabitable. Uninhabitable, but not so long ago inhabited by a family of children. – C.R. Roberts