Romania Update


“Dear Sponsors,

Spring has come to Romania! With the coming of Spring we see the grass coming up, the leaving coming

out, the flowers blooming, and we are reminded of how God makes all things new. We serve a great,

loving God who takes what is old and broken and makes it new again. When we accept His love, He

makes our hearts new, He washes away our sin and guilt. We also look forward to the day when He will

make the Earth and our bodies new again. I hope you are reminded of this when you see the spring

flowers coming up. Our hope is that the hearts of the kids in Romania are made new through Christ.

Would you join us in prayer for them?

In March we were blessed to be able to purchase a 9-passanger Volkswagen van that is much newer and

more reliable than our old microbus. Our director drove to Germany to purchase it because vehicles

there are less expensive and less worn. When transporting the children recently, there has always been

the stress of not knowing if the microbus would break down. It will be such a blessing to have a reliable

van. In addition to the 9-passenger van, we have a minivan, a station wagon, and a 6-passenger truck,

which combined are enough to transport all 22 children.


Many of the children have been involved in the church orchestra, learning a variety of instruments. This

past month they were invited to two other churches to perform their songs that they have learned. It

was a great experience for the kids to share the fruits of their hard work and dedication. It has also

been an encouragement to the church here in our village to see the involvement of the kids in the


Please be in prayer that the children would finish out the school year strong. Typically, when they

return to school after a break, it takes them a long time to get back into a groove of being motivated and

getting their work done. It’s a significant step backwards every time they have a holiday break. They

will be returning from spring break shortly and the lack of motivation will be compounded by the

anticipation for summer break. We are blessed now to have a tutor that is coming nearly every day to

work with them and even a few times during spring break, so join us in prayer that we can quickly jump

back in to getting their school work done.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We are continually blessed by you. We

pray that God would bless you greatly for your investment in His children.


In Christ,

The Casa Dorca Staff”


Recent India and Nepal Trip

We have so many great pictures and stories from our team's recent trip to India and Nepal. We can't wait to share about some of their experiences! These two lovely ladies are just a portion of the great kids they got to see. They saw a lot of people, but they were really touched by the joy and happiness of the kids they visited. Despite the struggles in their life, they are choosing to be content and hopeful with who they are. Watch for some more updates soon!



Dear friends, love one another, for love comes from God. -1 John 4:7 Our home leaders are able to love their children and bless them because of our supporters!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Kidstown International!
It's easy to jump right into 2018 and look to our goals and the future, but it's important to us to reflect on our last year. We have seen many new things, hard things, and joyful things. There have been some moments more difficult than others, but in the end, we are so grateful for this opportunity we have to make a lasting impact on these children's lives. For all of our donors, you made this last year possible, and we could not be more thankful for your partnership with us. We are believing in more possibilities and opportunities this year to rescue children and give them a second chance at a successful life. We know that the Lord has His hand on us and our children, and this will be a year of blessings and hope!

1 John 3:1

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God. 1 John 3:1
How can there be so much suffering and isolation to children around the world? Let us stand up and declare that these children that have been forgotten or rejected are children of God, and His love for them goes beyond the perspective of the world. They are precious in His sight and He will fight for every last one of them!

Thank You!

This Wednesday we want to take a moment to THANK all of our supporters! Because of you we are able to provide a safe and warm home for children that would otherwise live in a dark and dangerous world. You are creating a family and a support for these young people that would otherwise have no one and no hope. Let us celebrate everyone who is a part of the Kidstown International family today because these smiles are because of you! We love getting to connect to the heart of God as we rescue these children and restore their true identity in Christ. What an honor!


What is #GivingTuesday?

The Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is a globally recognized day of giving.

This is a great opportunity for people to make a big difference with even a small gift. Even if you aren’t a regular donor of Kidstown, we would love to give you the space to reach out internationally and take part in this day of giving.

Why should I #give to Kidstown International?

Our family goes far and wide. We have over a thousand children that live amongst 47 homes throughout Romania, Nepal, and India. All of these children have a story. All of them have seen rejection and isolation in one way or another. Everyone who gives to Kidstown International, small or large, is personally involved in the restoration of these children’s stories. We are in the business of hope and better futures, and so is everyone who chooses to support us.

How do I give to Kidstown International?

You can donate online at or go to our website link in our bio.

Or you can send a check to our address 119 North Commercial St. Bellingham, WA 98225.

And please note that you do not have to already be affiliated with us to donate, and you are by no means obligated to continue giving. We just want to make sure that you are given the opportunity this #GivingTuesday2017 to be a part of something great!


When donate to Kidstown International for #GivingTuesday which is this NEXT Tuesday, you will be supporting the upgrade projects and renovations of our children's homes!

Prayer Requests from India

  • Please pray that the children do well in their upcoming math exam. Some of the children are struggling to study and remember things. Please pray that they will be able to do well and have peace in their exams.
  • Please pray for protection over the children as the dengue fever is spreading.
  • Please pray for the provision of bunk beds for a few of our homes that need them.
  • Please pray for all of the renovations happening at the various homes as they need funds and various other things.
  • Please pray for one of the homes that is searching for a water source for their well.
  • One of our homes is looking for a van to purchase.


Home Update from India

Children Home Update from India

Hello brothers and sisters,

We are so grateful for your kind support to the needy children. All the children are doing well in school. As every child has right to education for building their foundation. We had sent all our children to school even the little ones. The only exception is Sumit. As he was suffering from illness we were unable to admit him at that time. But as he had recovered from his illness, we will admit him to school next year. The final Examinations are approaching. They also participate in co–curricular activities in school.
It helps in developing their personality. And strengthen their learning and in today`s competitive world education is not enough, children should develop their overall characteristics. They are scoring good marks in their exams. Few of them do average performances but they are trying to work hard.

The children organize street theatre to aware people on the issue HIV/AIDS related stigma discrimination and on various contemporary social issues like environment, health and hygiene, preservation of safe drinking water. They also involve themselves in some social works. They do cultural programs in different areas to aware and encourage people who are socially excluded and living with diseases.

Urgent needs or problems we are having:
We are extending the girls dormitory to make rooms for more girls. We are also making a separate program hall for children activities and also renovating the Kitchen room. The works of construction is going on now. We now need few things for completion of the work such as furniture’s, electrical fixes. We need support for the immediate infrastructure, Library and Dining hall for children. It is an hour of need for children in growing up. They need Skill Development Training yearly which will help them in building their foundation. As English is the International language we need good tutor to teach them spoken English which would benefit them in their future. Children have keen interest in music so they want to learn new instruments and dance with the rhythm so we need more professional teachers in these fields for proper guidance.

-Written by the home leader