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Prayer Direction

We are so thankful for all of your prayers. We have seen God protecting our homes, and providing in beautiful ways for them. Thank you for staying connected with our homes during this season. Your support and concern for our children is a huge blessing to us. There are still a lot of struggles they are dealing with in Romania, Nepal, and India. Will you please continue to lift them up in your prayers? Here are some requests to help direct your prayers that are so important right now.


  • Please pray for the support needed for technology to our homes as students try to learn online. All of our homes are doing online classes, just the same as students are in the US. The need for any type of device, handheld or laptop and computers are needed for each home. The challenge is that Kidstown cannot send new or used devices from the US, as the postal services are not able to send mail to India and Nepal. The cost to Mail is almost the same as buying over there.Prayer need from a home in south India:

    We are having a very tough time as it is around the world – Covid-19, day by day we are having tremendous increase in Covid positive cases. Thank God for all His protection for all of us. In the light of Covid-19 spread we are not sure when the schools will be opened, but online studies are going on.  All children need Android cell phones or tablets for school; we have got for some of them, because the classes are held in video calls. At the same time Television Channel also telecast live and recorded classes for children.

  • Pray for banking and wire challenges happening in India and Nepal due to Covid-19 and the closure of banks for weeks on end. Pray that support for our homes and the children’s needs can be met even with the delay of funds arriving.
  • Please keep in your prayers. Rev. Benjamin Krupanidhi, Founder Director of Sarah Children’s Home India is not well at his 92 year’s age. Pray for his daughter being the eldest not able to travel there and Rev. Benjamin Krupanidhi has been asking for her to come, but there are bans on inter states traveling in India. Please keep Rev. Benjamin Krupanidhi in your urgent prayers.
  • As India and Nepal remain in fear and confusion, we are seeing local pastor’s test positive, and quarantine centers poorly kept. Pray for wisdom and health over these countries. A Nepal leader shares: “Government is not stable too. Covid virus is seen around the surrounding communities now. Many people are frightened and in panic. There will be no Inter district travels for a few more weeks. by govt. orders.”
  • There is a rise in price of groceries in Nepal. Please pray for provision over our homes there.


Thank you for your support and prayers.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!

Monsoons in Nepal as the Country begins Reopening

One thousand people displaced.

Rising number of deaths and missing persons.

Monsoon season has destroyed roads, homes, and communities. Rescue operations struggle to meet the need. Local school buildings and community centers have been turned into shelters for those who have been affected by flooding and landslides.

With the loss of family members and land, people are living in the worst of conditions. All of our children homes are safe from the monsoon rain and floods. All of the children are doing well and are healthy!

This natural disaster comes just as the country of Nepal begins to reopen. Travel between local places has slowly restarted, and businesses are cautiously opening, usually with 50% capacity. This has brought relief to many who were devastated by the closing of their businesses. It is very common to own or work some sort of business that provides for your needs for that same day. With little to no savings, it was a destructive moment to stop business in the midst of the shutdown. But the light for these struggling families and individuals is slowly returning.


We have also heard from some of our homes in Nepal that they were able to deliver groceries to some of their community. Although the need is great, even just helping in these little ways is important.

One change that has proven to be fruitful is the move of local church to zoom calls. All of the churches are taking care of their congregation by using different forms of online contact, giving them spiritual food. Home churches are developing and equipping all believers to become stronger. We are hearing of salvations and children building their personal relationships with Jesus. Again, in the midst of so much tragedy, God is on the move and is using this time for His good!

It can be discouraging to hear about the rising prices of essential products, the challenges of doing school online, the lack of support from country leaders, and the natural disasters, but our homes in Nepal remind us to keep our eyes on God. They have many prayer requests and increasing needs, but they are continuously thankful for the support they receive from their sponsors, and for the prayers you lift up for them. As things begin to reopen, they will face a lot of challenges. Continue to stay in touch for more updates and ways you can help!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!

Garlands of Golden Marigolds

A story by C.R. Roberts.

This is what I learned one day in Nepal. One day, and three little stories.

– AMIR –

The home leader thinks Amir is 6. He isn’t sure. The boy was left by his parents at a hospital here in rural Nepal and delivered to a Kidstown-sponsored home by police. The home, they believed, would offer the boy the best chance of survival. Because of cancer contracted as an infant, Amir is without sight.

Thanks to a donor, Amir was provided with surgery and given prosthetic eyes in a Kathmandu hospital. He’s doing quite well, talking, negotiating a tactile world, climbing stairs, dancing, playing, eating unassisted, talking, talking a lot.

I’m standing on a second-floor balcony looking down at a group children lying on a carpet placed on the lawn. An older boy, a teenager, holds a stick in one hand and Amir’s hand in the other. He curls Amir’s tiny fingers around the stick to let the boy discover and test its texture and shape. Amir smiles. They both smile.


Dorinda was tossed from the roadside into an isolated field. Her umbilical cord was attached and the placenta was beginning to suffocate her. A farmer passing by saw movement and saved her life. Some might say this was a coincidence, that he found this abandoned child. Others would say it was the Grace of God. At the home, she has long since learned how to laugh as she plays with the other children.


The home leader says Alicia’s mother was bitten by a cobra and died. Her father was unwilling or unable to meet his responsibilities, and he discarded the child into a field where she was found first by ants and crows. She thus retains minor disfigurement. She was rescued and now lives at the home.


I’m not making this up and I know from hearing so many stories that many are worse. That’s why I’m here, to do just a very little bit to help, to wiggle my ears, do a few lame magic tricks and share the honest prayers that sail forth from young hearts. I recognize that the tragic stories I hear — and share — do not exist in a vacuum. They are not isolated to a single child, or three or three hundred children. It is beyond difficult to cast blame on a parent who chooses to cast off a child whether to brokers of exploitation or to a roadside field. We can easily judge the outcome while ignoring the dire cause of a decision to break a young life.

It’s tough to understand and hard to forgive.

Behind the pain, beyond the sadness, there is joy in simple things. We visit homes and together we share a devotion, prayers, songs of praise. We give little gifts, toys, beads, bracelets, candy, coloring books and such. We are given Nepalese peaked hats, or flowers, necklaces stitched with marigolds.

At one point at one of the homes, sitting in a circle, we play a game wherein I ask each child in turn to make the sound made by their favorite animal. Cats and dogs predominate, there’s a tiger and a bird, and when my turn came I wanted to imitate a hippopotamus but couldn’t recall the sound it makes. I did an elephant instead.

We close each visit with a group hug. It’s the Big Finish, everyone crushing together, yelling, making funny faces. It’s at this point we leave. Usually. Not this day, however. We’re seated in our hired Mahindra Scorpio and it won’t start. The children are all standing there and we’ve already said goodbye about 19 times. We listen to the engine grind. It’s awkward and I have the feeling that the arms of the children must be getting tired from all the waving.

The engine finally catches and we drive back to the city wearing our garlands of golden marigolds.

C.R. Roberts is a retired journalist from Tacoma, Washington. After studying at the University of Washington he moved to England, and upon his return owned a small business dealing in rare coins and stamps. Later, following a 30-year career as a columnist and business writer at the Tacoma News Tribune, he retired to a life of volunteerism and has made several trips with Kidstown to Romania, India and Nepal. He personally sponsors two young men in Romania.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!

Together We Give #GivingTuesdayNow

Our sponsors and donors are what allow us to do what we do.

In this time of uncertainty, generosity can bring the whole world together. That’s the idea behind the #GivingTuesdayNow movement. Organizations from all over the world are asking their supporters to give today. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still operating, still providing support to our partners overseas.

Kidstown supports children’s homes in India, Nepal, and Romania, and our homes haven’t gone without being impacted by current events. As many services have shut down due to lock-downs in these countries, food and supplies have become scarce and more expensive. In addition, the children’s homes and their leaders are now responsible for continuing the kids’ education while schools are closed. This means buying additional school supplies, hiring tutors, and spending more of their time working with the children.

Without these homes, many of these children would be in dire situations. Coming from the streets, broken families, or other difficult circumstances, many of these kids would be facing sickness, starvation, and neglect. Without the support of our donors and sponsors, these children would be without hope! But instead these kids are fed, supported, and loved.

Here are a few excerpts from recent reports from our children’s homes:

  • From a home in India: They have been able to use this time of being locked down in their home as a time of connection and growing closer with each other. The leader says “we get more time to be confined with our beloved children and family. We get more time to share God’s love to them and spend more time together meditating on God’s word and have much fun with our children.”
  • From a home in Romania: As nobody can come in or go out, all of our food or materialy donations are canceled . Its result is that our incomes are reduced, but not our expenses. As there is no school, the children need supervision 24hours…As we look around the fear is on the top number 10, as we look at the Word of God our worries are down. So it is an oscillatory situation.You can`t calculate, you can’t plan.There’s a very strange feeling. We just believe in God and in His Salvation.
  • From a home in Nepal: Practically all things are alright and usual. But we are praying for hand wash soaps, towel each for everyone, Sanitizers, Masks, separate linens for the special beds, special gun ray temperature instrument, electric jugs and thermos.
  • From a home leader in India: Thank you for your financial support and upholding us in your prayers and have great concern about us when your country also faces the same crises. Do continue to pray for us and we are also praying for you. Thank you and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL and PROTECT YOU.

Our goal is to make sure each and every home, and therefore each and every child, has the resources and support necessary to make it through this crisis. We want all the kids, home leaders, regional directors, tutors, and others involved in these children’s lives to stay healthy and safe.

That’s why today, on this special Giving Tuesday, we are asking for your help. The additional costs that our homes are facing fall outside our normal budget, but we want to continue providing the support they need. Even just a few extra dollars will help our homes provide food, hygiene supplies, and the educational materials and support that these children need.

Please consider giving, and reaching out to family and friends. We hope you are staying safe during this time, and we deeply appreciate your support and prayers.

Fireside Chat with Marv & Alison

Recently one of Kidstown’s board members, Marv Tjoelker, traveled to Nepal with a small group of people from Northwest Washington. A few weeks after they returned, Marv and his niece, Alison Moore, were reflecting on their trip while enjoying a beautiful spring evening around a fire. Thinking back on their trip, they were once again humbled by the amazing people they met and experiences they had while in Nepal.

They recently got together and recorded some of their thoughts to share with the Kidstown community!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!

Essential Needs: Water Reserve Tank – COMPLETE

This project has been completed – we’ll have an update and photos of the new water tank soon!

The Ashish Home in Nepal is in need of a water tank to use as reserve water storage for the fresh water that they pump out of their bore well. Giving for this project will help cover the cost of the tank, pipes, and installation!

The Ashish Home is located in a rural area of Nepal, and they have their own small farm! Here are a few photos of the children working with the animals and in the gardens at their home. The water tank will help them store enough fresh water to drink and to water the animals and crops during dry periods.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!

Essential Needs: Computers & Printer for Education – COMPLETED

At this home in Nepal you have helped provide 3 new computers and a printer. With this addition to the home, the children are able to study efficiently. Many of these kids come from devastation and severe poverty. These computers give the children hope for their education and future! Thank you.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!


Distributing Surprise Gifts to Children

Recently, some of our leaders in Nepal were able to partner with a great organization to distribute gifts to some of our supported homes in Nepal. Please follow the link below to read the whole story about what happened!

We are so thankful for the people that helped make this a possibility. There is a lot of hard work and sacrifice that goes into serving these children, but the reward is far greater!