Kidstown International

A Challenge to Engage

The time in India has come to an end. The days were long, the nights short. Many miles were logged by road, rail, and plane. The potholes were many. So were the blessings along the way. Hearing orphans singing praise to God from their hearts. Being in the presence of orphanage leaders who embody servant-hood and faith. Experiencing God’s consistent grace even though our strength, energy, and health waned. Knowing that we are in the palm of God’s hand.

Yet, each time I visit places like India, Nepal, or Romania it seems like God takes those opportunities to shake me up, jarring me out of my lethargic slumber, and graciously giving me glimpses of what life is really about. Looking into the eyes of a child that will never see his parents again, that will never truly know what it means to have a “mommy” and “daddy”. Listening to pioneer missionary accounts of the Gospel’s advance in remote areas, where it is perhaps being heard for the first time, and how God is showing up just like He did in the book of Acts. Coming face-to-face with a group of kids whose parents were mercilessly beaten and tortured, some to the point of death, because they followed Christ.

In those eyes, in the Gospel’s advance, and in the brutality unleashed upon our fellow believers we can catch a glimpse of some of life’s true purposes. Life was never meant to be about me, it was meant to be about God and others. Life was never meant to be about building my empire, it was meant to be about advancing God’s Kingdom. Life was never meant to be about prestige, comfort, or power, it was meant to be about humility, service, and Him above all else.

God calls each of us, in whatever situation He has placed us, to be active participants in His purposes. We aren’t called to be “sideline” Christians. God is calling us out onto the field!

May God bless you as you engage, re-engage, or ramp up your engagement for His Kingdom!