Kidstown International

Meet Rajesh from India

As Kidstown approaches it’s 25th anniversary, we’re seeing more and more children who have been in Kidstown supported homes for a long time grow up and move on with their lives. Our goal is that these children going out into the world as young adults are equipped to love and impact their communities.

Rajesh came to a Kidstown home when he was 11 years old. As an Indian child with HIV, he was not receiving the care and medical attention he needed. Without proper care, HIV is a deadly disease, and normally there would be little hope for a child like Rajesh.

Fortunately, his story didn’t end in sickness and tragedy. The loving home leaders at a children’s home in India took him in and helped him deal with the disease.

Growing up in a supportive environment, Rajesh also had a lot of other opportunities. He was able to go to school and get an education. As he grew up in the home, he did well in school and eventually graduated from high school. He also passed the love and care given to him by the home leaders on to the younger children in the home, and was always involved in caring for the younger children and helping them with their school work.

But Rajesh didn’t want to stop there – he dreamed of getting a Bachelor of Arts degree. Normally any higher education would be financially out of reach for most children in India, but because of the support of Kidstown donors and sponsors, Rajesh was able to attend university.

He has now graduated with a degree and moved out of the children’s home. He has a job and is able to support himself. He continues to be involved in his community and is passionate about helping others. It is truly a blessing to see him living as a healthy, independent young man who is giving back to his community.

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!