Kidstown International

Update from Kidstown Homes

New ways of learning, new ways of fellowship, new ways of playing, our homes are trying whatever they need to keep spirits high!


As the country of Romania begins to reopen, the children are free to run into the streets they were kept from for so long. This relieves the stress of the leaders who have worked hard to keep tensions low with everyone cooped up in the same space for so long. This season has shown the strengths and weaknesses of how the children learn individually. Some children have excelled in school at home, while others have had a challenging time with it. But with evening campfires, at home wrestling trainings, and new pools, they have all found ways to stay positive! The children have become a source of great encouragement to the leaders with their joy and hope.


The communities in India and Nepal remain in a state of confusion and fear. Although some areas in India are slowly opening up, there is a reality of economic devastation. Despite this pain and sorrow, the children homes are consistently sharing how this season is showing them how to trust in God and to see His provisions. Opportunities have opened for them to serve their neighborhoods and even to share the Gospel. And in turn, the community has shown up at their doors with extra food, medical help, and hygiene supplies.

Across these three countries, there has been concerns of the government watching and ensuring rules are kept, so our homes have remained very strict to follow any guidelines. Overall, they are all doing well and feeling very protected by God and grateful for the support they are receiving. For them, even the smallest gifts are monumental.

One of our children in Nepal shares his experience:
“I am in class 5 now, and because of lockdown, I could not go to school and online class has started. I am very happy that I am safe from coronavirus and I have been taught to wash my hands time to time with soap and water. Lock down seems fun to me with lots of other things to learn at home like computer, singing, playing, and also praying time to God. I cannot forget in my life and also the joy to share with my friends at home here.” -Man Bahadur

Thank you for all of your help and prayers! Not one of them goes unnoticed. These kids are experiencing the love of Christ like never before, and they are emerging stronger and full of hope!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!