Kidstown International

A Sponsor’s Perspective

“Let’s see…to me it is a very simple way to help another human.”

Being a sponsor may seem like a small or insignificant act, but as every child on the other side of it knows, it is in fact a very powerful and important relationship.

Melissa has been a sponsor with us for many years. She shares her experience as a supporter of two children.

“We have loved the opportunity to help support children.  At present, we sponsor 4 kids (2 through Kidstown and 2 through Childcare).  Early on, we thought we’d like to sponsor as many kids as we had ourselves.  Over the years, there has been some changes as kids moved out of the homes or no longer needed sponsorship, but it really is a blessing to know people across the world and have a tiny part of their lives.  It is one practical way to be the Church.”

Being a sponsor is not just about sending money to a different country. You are connected to a young human being who has a purpose and dreams. Melissa has been able to see the result of her kids living and growing up in a safe and protected home.

“We really appreciate the vision and the diligence of Kidstown. It has been fun over the years to write letters and receive letters from our sponsored kids, plus pictures. We have sponsored a few different girls over the years. All of them have moved on from the home and we just recently added a new boy!  But we have sponsored Gagan since the very beginning, and we still do!  He is just finishing college and waiting to take his final exams.  It has been fun to track his life and hear from him regularly.  And we actually message each other on Facebook as well!  He is a talented musician and I can hear him from the videos he posts there too…the wonders of technology!”

All of the children within Kidstown have come from some sort of broken and painful life. They are in need of love, of support, or even just a safe place to live. Home leaders are dedicated to providing a place for these children to heal and be transformed. But why should people across the world be invested in their life?

“Let’s see…to me it is a very simple way to help another human.  It is what we are called to do…to care about people; and to care about people beyond our own little circles.  We know God’s heart for children, and wherever kids need help and support, we are called to that.  The work being done by the men and women in Nepal (besides the other countries Kidstown is in) is incredibly important.  They truly are the hands & feet of Jesus, so to be able to somehow help support that is a beautiful thing.

My kids have all written letters over the years, and when we receive a letter, we are all excited to hear about life in Nepal.  We have prayed for our kids over these years and my kids have been part of that too…praying for them by name and knowing God hears that.”

Melissa understands that she is partnering with God. He is near to the brokenhearted, and for any that are hurting, He is bringing hope and healing. Anyone that is involved in the process of rescuing a child from a broken situation and supporting them with love and care is doing the work of God.

“In short, kids need support, and we as Christians are called to that.  And it is a joy to be involved in the life of any child; to have the opportunity to come alongside a child on the other side of the world is a unique opportunity.  We as a family have been blessed by that!  And thankful for that privilege.  God has a plan for each of His children and it is amazing how He uses us in each other’s lives. It’s all His work and He allows us to get involved.  We live in a small world that belongs to a big God!  We praise God best by living out faith in action.  Sponsoring a child and supporting their education is one way to do that – an important way!”

Sponsors like Melissa who have taken a step out of their normal and comfortable lives to be involved in the life of a child across the world are examples of loving without borders. They see a hurting child and step into their lives to help them heal, no matter where they live! And the best part? Anyone can sponsor a child! It’s an easy way to make a huge difference.

Thank you Melissa. You show that sponsoring not only changes the life of the child, but the life of a sponsor and their family as well. You are so valuable to the whole Kidstown family!

And thank you to all of our sponsors. You are a world changer!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we are are able to give children hope. If you’re interested, there are many ways you can support Kidstown!