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Back to School?

Back to School?

From one of our young boys, here is his recent perspective of life at his home.

“I wake up at 6 in the morning and get some fresh air outside. I brush my teeth and have morning prayer. I eat breakfast and then I join my online classes. After my online class, I eat lunch and take a nap. In the evening I play some games outside and we do evening devotion. Before, I could go to school, church, and have so much fun, but now I can’t. It’s different when I study in online class, but my teachers are helpful and so good. We can watch videos in online class. I feel a bit scared sometimes, but I can pray and listen to family.”

It’s hard to hear about the difficulties of the changes in school for our kids. We want to see them succeed in life, and education is crucial in their development. But it is encouraging to hear teachers stepping up to help the kids learn, and we know our leaders are doing their best to support them. These are very resilient young children, and they still have bright futures ahead!


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