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Lives in Nepal

Jina has lacked many vital needs in her life. Her family owns no land and has no home. Jina would often go without a meal, and sometimes this would last 3 to 4 days. She is excited to now live in one of our supported homes. She will be well cared for …

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Lives in Nepal

It was a long and painful   journey that brought Saroj to one of our supported homes. He had been picked up by the police after wandering alone in the village. He had caught a bus from the village he previously lived in where he was abandoned by his mother. She left him …

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Tek Bahadur

Lives in Nepal

For Tek, his life has been a journey of struggle and pain. In a very poverty stricken area, he had very little chance of a healthy childhood. Both his mother, and his father are disabled. There are no resources for them, and they were not able to provide any money for food, …

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Lives in Nepal

As an abandoned and lonely child, it was a joyful experience for her to be brought into one of our supported children’s homes. Radhika had lost her father some time ago, and her mother married another man, leaving Radhika all alone. She is now in a place where she is seen and …

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Lives in Nepal

Lovestar has come from a very poor area, and a large family. His father recently passed away, and due to their family situation and their poverty, the best decision for Lovestar and his family was for him to be brought to live at one of our supported homes. He will be able …

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Lives in Nepal

Born in a very remote village in Nepal, Ashish began his life surrounded by challenges. But when his father died, the pain only grew, and his mother was lost in the struggle. She could not take care of her children, so she confronted one of our homes to take Ashish. They decided …

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Lives in Nepal

When Sahara was only four years old, her father went missing. Already struggling with finances, her mother began to work very hard. She was receiving little to no income, which meant that Sahara was not going to school and could barely eat. She was unable to care for Sahara, so she asked …

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Lives in Nepal

Gaurab has been raised by his single mother almost his entire life. When Gaurab was only one month old, his father disappeared with no explanation. He is a bright young boy, but it was important for him to be in a home that could provide education and support for his physical, mental, …

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Lives in Nepal

When Krishna was just a young baby, her father passed away. After 5 years, Krishna’s mother abandoned her daughter to be with another man. This left Krishna under the sparse care of a brother who spent all of his time working. Krishna was so young to endure so much pain, but she …

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Lives in Nepal

Meena has survived great tragedy and pain. As a young child she grew up in a very poor family. With many mouths to feed, and a small income, it was a challenging time. Meena has now watched both of her parents pass away in the same year due to serious health issues. …

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Lives in Nepal

Shristika is 22 years old. She was born into a Hindu family.  When her mother was pregnant with her, her father died. When she was 7 years old, her mother got remarried. She used to live with her grandparents and her uncle. When she accepted Christ, her family kicked her out of …

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Lives in Nepal

Bibek is 23 years old. He has no father and his mother did not take care of him properly due to poverty. Because of the poverty, he was unable to complete his studies. He was born into a Hindu family. He moved to the home to continue his study as a Christian.  …

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